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Under the coordination of Professors Adelia Maria Miglievich-Ribeiro, Fabíola Padilha, Júlia Almeida, Leni Ribeiro Leite, Luiz Antônio Beneduzzi and Paula Regina Siega, and with the aim at increasing the interinstitutional interface nationally and abroad, taking the occasion for the program’s internationalization, the program has settles, in 2012, an agreement to co-tutorship signed by both PPGL/Ufes (Brazil) and Venezia Cafoscari University (Italy). This agreement covers the project for the development of the Double Title (Laurea Magistrale in Lingue and Letterature Europee, Americane and Postcoloniali Masters in Letters from the University of Ca Foscari Venezia and Masters in Letters from PPGL / UFES), in the respective institutions. Within this agreement, initiated in 2014, PPGL graduated in 2015 one of its students as Master of Letters / Master of Language and Letterature Europee, Americane and Postcoloniali, with a defense held in Vitória, with the participation of a professor at the University Ca'Foscari, and also received, in 2015, a student from that university who is claiming the double title. In 2016, PPGL will send two students to Italy, also under the dual title.

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