Contact Information

Coordinator: Luís Eustáquio Soares
Assistant coordinator: Viviana Mónica Vermes

Aline, Antonio, Fernando, Giovana, Luciana and Plinio

Others staff:

Librarian: Saulo de Jesus Peres

Representative student:

Alessandro Carvalho and Késia Gomes


Federal University of Espirito Santo
Av. Fernando Ferrari, 514, 29075-910 - Vitória - ES, Brazil

Phone numbers: +55 27 4009-2524 / +55 27 3357-9500 r.*5259

e-mail: Secretaria: sip.ufes2 [at]; Coord.: ppglufes [at]

Business hours:

Monday-Friday 7am to 9pm (Brazilian Time).

How to find us:

Our facilities are located in two buildings inside the campus, which is located in the city of Vitoria (capital of Espírito Santo state). It is a well located facility in the Federal University of Espírito Santo, which is adequate for academic activities and holds classrooms, events, secretary and research centers. The structures counts with adapted restrooms, wi-fi network, air conditioning and multimedia devices.

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