Frequently Asked Questions

A. What are the modalities of post-graduation offered by the program?

Post-graduation in Brazil is divided in two levels: lato sensu (which encompasses specialization and improvement courses) and stricto sensu (which encompasses Masters and doctoral degrees). The lato sensu courses aim at the improvement of professional qualification. Masters and doctoral degrees aim at a more advanced professional formation. More specifically, the doctoral degree aims at training researchers and professores to work in the highest levels of teaching.

B. Are the post-graduation courses free of tuition?

Specialization courses can either require tuition or not. Masters and doctoral degrees at the Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES), on the other hand, are all free of tuition once they are directly financed by the federal government. Some of the post-graduation programs can charge, however, a subscription fee in their selective processes.

C. Are these courses full time?

The student must have availability for attending classes, developing research and extension activities, attending seminars and supervising meetings and elaborating a dissertation or thesis. For students who are granted with scholarships, the program demands a full time dedication, according to the resolutions of official accreditation agencies for postgraduate programs.

D. What is the usual class schedule?

Usually between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., but also eventually in the evenings. The class schedule of each subject depends on several factors over the course, such as: professors’ availability, students’ demand, room availability, all of which are planned before the semester begins.

E. What are the available scholarships at the program?

Post-graduation programs at UFES usually offer scholarships from CAPES, CNPq, FAPES and other accreditation agencies and companies. A share of these scholarships provide from a regular quota which is destined to the program, and the others come from specific projects. The scholarship availability and offer may vary according to the agencies’ annual budget and the execution of projects or agreements. Each program has its internal criteria for distributing scholarships, which is usually made by a Scholarship Committee designated by the faculty staff.

F. Are there weekend or summer courses?

Masters and doctoral courses at UFES are offered within the institution’s annual academic calendar. Classes and other activities are distributed over the year, providing a convenience for the research center in which the student will develop a dissertation or thesis. This model, which is recommended by the main official accreditation agency in Brazil, is compatible with courses made in a shorter period of time, over the Brazilian summer vacations or the weekends.

G. How does the selective process work?

Most part of the programs work with an annual selective process. Each program has the autonomy to set the best month or semester for its selective process. The information on the prerequisites, subscriptions, tests, availability, etc. are published through public notices in the institution’s website. It is important to reinforce that the rules of the selective process are different for each course. Therefore, students who are willing to enter the programs must seek information at each program’s website before the selective process begins.

H. Should I look for an advisor before the selective process?

As each program has the autonomy to set its rules, such information must be sought through a direct contact with the program.

I. How can I know more about post-graduation programs?

Brazil has an official accreditation agency (CAPES) which is responsible for the academic management of post-graduation programs in the country. Through their website ( is external) you can find more information about it. If you want to know more about a specific course at UFES, you can access each program’s specific website.

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