Name: Felipe de Almeida Tavares
Type: PhD thesis
Publication date: 15/04/2021

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Sérgio da Fonseca Amaral Advisor *

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Sérgio da Fonseca Amaral Advisor *
Rafaela Scardino Lima Pizzol Internal Examiner *
Paulo Muniz da Silva External Examiner *
Michele Freire Schiffler Internal Alternate *
Luís Eustáquio Soares Internal Examiner *
Keila Mara de Souza Araujo Maciel External Alternate *
Benjamin Rodrigues Ferreira Filho External Examiner *

Summary: Many of those who have worked on Leminski oeuvre recognize him as a writer
capable of synthesizing antagonisms, with examples marked by the union of
different artistic expressions or literary genres, of poetry and music, of popular
culture and the erudite, of the East and West, among others. Considering this
wide range of elements, the purpose of this work is to study the Leminskian poetry
based on the thesis that his poems are composed through a practice we term as
poetry of mixture and rarefaction, which results in wider intensity and extensity of
the effects of his poetry. It is on this path, opened by the poetic sign, that Leminski
finds his voice, a voice that, in search for the new and for the expressive freedom,
affects varied readers, due to the fact that it articulates with different cultural
aspects as it brings to the surface the particular effects of this poetry. One of the
methodological approaches will be through the semiotic analysis of the poems,
observing the effects and affects provided by this poetics, as well as its
unfoldments. Including: the mixture of the senses through synesthesia; the
mixture of words and their concepts; the breaking of aesthetic, cultural, media
and even philosophical boundaries, creating a dialogue between different
platforms and worldviews; the multiplicity of voices and the diminishing of the
author’s voice (caused by the mixture and rarefaction of beings), lending more
autonomy and spontaneity to the poetic text and a transformative subversion in
opposition to the oppressive values, amid other important aspects for the
appreciation of his style. As the central of our inquiry, we propose the reading of
two books: Caprichos e relaxos and Distraídos Venceremos. Works which
impacted the beginning and the end of his trajectory in life. As theoretical
apparatus, considering the diversity of Leminskian mixtures, we approach
interdisciplinarity in a certain way, combining the tensive semiotic by Fontanille
and Zilberberg; the semantics and the philosophy, through authors such as
Roland Barthes, dealing with his concept of pleasant and impertinent reading;
Deleuze, especially regarding the mixture between beings and its resulting
effects, as well as other names that enhance our understanding of this 1970’s
generation poet, who is still today one of its most popular names.
Keywords: Paulo Leminski, Poetry, Poetics, Mixture and Rarefaction

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