Poetics from the Ancient to the Contemporary (PAC)

Description: Study and research of poetics from Antiquity to Contemporaneity in narrative, lyrical, dramatic and hybrid texts, considering the processes in which subjectivity, literary self-reference and the interrelations among different onthological and epistemological perspectives are constituted on what concerns literature The works developed by this research line are dedicated to creative and critical processes of reading and writing/scripture, creation and translation and the dialogues between literatures and other arts, aiming at the knowledge of different poetics over time, by questioning them as of the literary texts and the speeches and practices they indagando-as a partir dos textos literários e dos discursos e práticas that they lead to.

Ester Abreu Vieira de Oliveira: Contemporary theater. Poetry, theater and the narratives of Hispanic and Brazilian literatures.

Fabíola Simão Padilha Trefzger: Brazilian contemporary literature, current modes of writing the self (biographies, autobiographies, letters, memoirs, diaries, etc.), self-narratives, in interdisciplinar perspective, within which Philosophy and History contribute, in their interface with Literature.

Leni Ribeiro Leite: Classical Studies, Languages and Literatures and History, focusing on the Roman imperial period. Systems of production and circulation of the literary text, especially the poetic, in the Roman Empire and their reception in subsequent periods. Teaching of Latin and its history, in Brazil and other parts of the world.

Maria Mirtis Caser: Hispanic literature, narratives made by women, focusing on gender, eroticism and the translatin from Spanish to Portuguese (theory and practice).

Nelson Martinelli Filho: Brazilian contemporary literature, narrative, memory (in its relation to the literary text), autofiction, author/authorship in the 20th and 21st centuries theory(ies), literature under the foundations of Psychoanalysis.

Paula Regina Siega: literature and other arts /knowledges; comparative literature; aesthetics of reception; Brazilian literature; indianism; antropophagy as a literary theme.

Paulo Dutra: Comparative literature. Literature from the Spanish ‘Siglo de Oro’. Hispano-American literature. Transatlantic dialogues and sociohistorical interfaces between iterature and culture.

Raimundo Nonato Barbosa de Carvalho: Theories and processes of poetic translation and versification problems applied to poetry translation.

Viviana Mónica Vermes: Music and its relations to Literature and History. Brazilian music (classical and popular) from the second half of the 19th century to the mid 20th century.

Abbreviation Titlesort descending Starting date Deadline (months)
RRPR Rhetorical representations of imperial power in the Roman Principate 01/08/2017 24
REP Rhetorics and tradition: reception of clasical rhetorical elements in Western Literature 01/08/2017 24
The circulation of the Homeric text in Rome: a dialogue with the Statius poetry 09/05/2018 24
MTL Women with all letters 09/05/2017 48
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