Literature: Alterity and Society

Description: Studies and researches the relations between literature and society under the scope of alterity, through the use of texts and literary systems in relation to cultural, artistic, scientific and philosophical speeches and practices which are historically situated. The works that are developed under this research line are dedicated to the production from and about minorities; the antihegemonic questioning of streams and traditions in the literary field; the tensions between regional, national and transnational; questions on social class, gender, generation, and ethnic-racial relations; the multiple ways of production, publication, circulation, reception and appropriation of literature under the social and historical dynamics.

Arlene Batista da Silva: Literature in Brazilian Sign Language. Translator and Interpreter Training, as of Teachers of Brazilian Sign Language. Performance and Literature. Literature and education. The reader and literary reading.

Jorge Luiz do Nascimento: Hispanic and Brazilian literatures; contemporary poetics and alterity expressions, from literature and audiovisual, literature and urbanity and ‘marginal literature’ to funk and RAP.

Jurema José de Oliveira: Literature Theory and Portuguese Language Literatures. Brazilian, Portuguese and African Literatures of Portuguese Language.

Luis Eustáquio Soares: The indiscernible relation between literature and democracy, the barroque ethos, collective exclusion. Literarty modernism and post-modernism, especially in Brazil and Latin America.

Luís Fernando Beneduzi: History and Literature, Identities (ethnic, regional and national) in the Italian and Latin American contexts, migratory phenomena (historic and contemporary). Social analysis of travel writing, through the study of the connections among literature, society and sensibility.

Maria Amélia Dalvi: Literary education. Literary memories of schooling. The relations among books, readers, reading and literature in sociohistorical approaches. Youth literature. Literary systems and the literary life in /from Espírito Santo.

Michele Freire: Oral literature, cultural performances, flamencology, literatures in Spanish language.

Rafaela Scardino Lima Pizzol: Contemporary literature and Commonwealth theories. The relations between fiction, displacement, experience and alterity in the American continent. Literature and policies for responsability, resistance and transformation.

Robson Loureiro: Languages and Humanities - cinema, music, literature, theatre and plastic arts articulated to the fields of Philosophy (ethics, aesthetics, philosophy of science), Information Technologies and communication, Psychoanalysis and Education in dialogue with the Critical Theory of Society.

Sérgio da Fonseca Amaral: Brazilian literature. The lives of things (study of things and objects – in their materialities – in literature). Social narratives and fictional practices (study of Brazilian facts and social dynamics – historically registered as insurgent – which have been appropriated by literary speech).

Vitor Cei Santos: Interface between Literature, Philosophy, Politics e Intermediality, focusing on the works of Machado de Assis, Friedrich Nietzsche, Theodor Adorno, Aleister Crowley and Brazilian contemporary authors.

Wilberth Salgueiro: Brazilian poetry, testimonial literature, violence, humor, Theodor Adorno, Machado de Assis, Guimarães Rosa and Reinaldo Santos Neves.

Abbreviation Titlesort descending Starting date Deadline (months)
Las Ancestrality, Pan-Africanism and Afrobility 19/05/2020 24
Las Ancestrality, Pan-Africanism and Afrobility III 26/06/2021 24
LAS Ancestry, Panafricanism and Afrobrasility 01/03/2019 24
News from Current Brazilian Literature: Interviews 01/10/2019 36
FILIN Philosophy, Literature and Intermediality: Intercommunication 01/07/2019 24
LITERALUTA Production Technology in Literary struggle: cultural industry, literary communication and editorial services for quality of life in smart cities 07/07/2022 24
NSPF Social Narratives and Fictional Practices: VIII 01/07/2019 60
The ancestral settings in the works of African Portuguese-speaking authors 03/03/2017 24
The constitution of literary education in contemporary Brazil 01/06/2018 48
VFC The fictional life of things 04/05/2020 60
RealismoCritico The Realisms of the bio-thanato-politics of the European and American imperialist systems in Parque industrial (Patrícia Galvão) Revolução melancólica, Chão (Oswald de Andrade) and PanAmerica (José Agrippino de Paula) 18/05/2017 40
Womens voices in Latin America: literature, resistance and decoloniality 01/04/2019 24
06/06/2016 60
Ficção II 01/08/2022 48
14/06/2021 60
POSCOLONIAL 01/02/2010 24
01/08/2017 60
TPBC 01/06/2020 48
01/08/2011 24


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