PhD in Literatures

Level: Doctorate degree *
Starting year: 2010
Current CAPES Mark of the course: 5
Ato normativo: Homologado pelo CNE (Portaria MEC Nº 609, de 14/03/2019).
Publicação no DOU 18 de março de 2019, seç. 1, p.136 - Parecer CNE/CES nº 487/2018, Processo no 23001.000335/2018-51).
Number of credits for academic degree in disciplines: 20
Number of credits for academic degree from the dissertation ending: 16
Number of credits for academic degree others: 0
Admission period: Yearly

Target audience:

The minimum academic entry requirement for a Doctorate programme are a Master's Degree certificate related to the research lines and/or the projects of the advising professor.
The PhD in Literatures aims at forming professionals:

a) prepared to teach and research within the areas of Literatures and Literary Studies;
b) capable of understanding and dealing with different approaches within the field of study of texts, discourse, languages and literatures, as well as able to work with the interrelatedness between Literatures and other areas of knowledge, favoring interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approches;
c) who value continuous formation, aiming at the improvement of the quality of teachers and researchers in the country and state, in the field of Literatures, whether they work at the Middle and High School levels or for Higher Education institutions;
d) who present original contributions to the area, through a PhD thesis, helping to advance knowledge within their field.

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